El Ameen Company for Plastic is a leading company manufacturing plastic sanitary in Egypt. The companys activity started in 1978 in the name of El Ameen Company for Plastic to be a leading company in the field of sanitary manufacturing. The company has over 70% market penetration.

The company uses the latest technologies in plastic manufacturing in the world. We have quality tests in every stage of production starting from raw material to the final product.
A group of the most skilled technicians, engineers and representatives work with us. They are qualified for fulfilling any requirements of our respected clients in the fastest and the most efficient matter.

The company manufactures many sanitary products according to international standards used in local and global markets, they include the following:
normal and hanging water flush tanks

  • various unbreakable toilets .
  • flush machines tank set (in all measures and kinds).
  • vertical water tanks that won the approval of the Ministry of Population and Housing and thus cause no disease.
  • Concrete mix separators and biscuits in various measures .
  • Wall and ceiling plugs in various measures.
  • In addition, the Lamino armchair presents an Italian model in shape of the unique bamboo made of poly-ethylene.